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Your Persian rug is filthy and you want to clean it, but are not certain if the method you have in mind is the proper one to use? Call for Local Cleaners Twickenham’s professional rug cleaning services and get your precious rugs cleaned by the best in the business. Don’t take a chance on their beauty, ask for our help and we will ensure their safe and thorough cleaning.

Why Book Our Comany?

Rug Cleaning Services TwickenhamAlong with the convenience of a local cleaning service such as ours, you will enjoy the impeccable colours and fibers of your rugs once more, using only the best in cleaning detergents and machines, our services has many benefits, here are just to name a few:

  • No more dirt
  • Full dust extraction
  • Rejuvenated colours
  • Soften, gentler textures
  • Reasonable rates

We believe in preserving the environment as well as your family, this is why we’ve started implementing an all-bio detergent plan that uses only the best in eco-friendly cleaning agents and detergents. Same day appointments. No deposit reuqired. No hidden fees. Call now - 020 3746 8242

Service details

Dry cleaning – has an intrinsic flexibility to it that allows for the proper and safe cleaning of all rug types, both synthetic and natural. Used mainly on natural rugs comprised but not limited to sisal, silk, cotton and satin, this service is the perfect tool for heat and water sensitive materials. Not only that but it provides you with a ready to use solution that requires no drying. To achieve that we use a granulate cleaning solution that is embedded into the fibers by a fine brush, left to react with the stain for 15 minutes then extracted with a powerful vacuum machine, this leaves you with a totally clean, ready to use rug.

Steam cleaning - allows for the efficient and quit removal of stains of all natural, this powerful cleaning technique is a force to be reckoned with, extremely effective and ruthless against all stain types, from food coloring to nail polish, paint and even tar or engine oil. To achieve these great results, our technician uses a professional grade steam machine that injects the fibers of your rug with a high pressure steam mixture, it reacts with the stain and makes it easy to extract immediately after the brush has gone over the stain, we take out 95% of the moisture, leaving a small part to be air dried.

Booking Expert Rug Cleaning Now!

Feel the fresh smelling air after a good cleaning session, by calling our team of experts over at 020 3746 8242 and acquiring the best cleaning service in Twickenham TW1. While on the phone ask about our scheduling, the benefits and discounts we offer as well as the free quote every customer can get.