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Upholstery Cleaning In Twickenham TW1

Leather and other types of upholstery need maintenance for time to time, not only to keep up the ideal appearance, but to also take care of any damage that might have occurred during everyday use. Our technicians have been trained to be able to sufficiently clean and rejuvenate even older upholstery, to the state where you’d think its brand new, using only the latest detergents, we can guarantee spotless results every time.

What Do You Pay for?

Upholstery Cleaning Services TwickenhamYou can enjoy a freshly cleaned upholstered piece of furniture, freed from all stains and unpleasant use marks. With us you will not enjoy top notch cleaning, but also experience:

  • No more dust or dirt
  • Fiber grime accumulation protection
  • Fresh, rejuvenated colours
  • Nice smelling rooms
  • Complete dust mite and bed bug extraction

Call us at 020 3746 8242 for more details on these benefits and other that this service has, as well as general information on this particular service or any other we offer. Same day & urgent appointments. Fixed, affordable rates. No deposit. No hidden fees. All technicians are agency managed and fully insured.

Service Explanation

Leather treatment – allows us to not only take care of cracks in the leather of your couch, but also remove stains and usage marks and other unpleasant sights. To remove small cracks and treat general skin dryness, we apply a conditioner that reacts with the leather, opening its pores and rejuvenating it returning it to a more flexible state that prevents further cracking and gives a generally more pleasant feel. For stains we use several methods, including specialized detergents, conditioner and a lot of hand scrubbing. For discolorations we can use a general detergent that can prevent further discolorations, but cannot do anything about the already present ones, however his only occurs in badly managed or older piece of leather.

Dry cleaning – is our approach to cleaning more gentle materials like silk, cotton and satin. This procedure does not use any water or heat as means of cleaning, making it a perfect choice for any situation dealing with water and heat sensitive materials. Using a fine dust like detergent we remove stains, discolorations and even unpleasant odours, especially wet and damp areas. We apply the detergent, then embed it into the fibers with a fine brush then wait for about 15 minutes then extract with a powerful vacuum.

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